Replace A T-Lock Shingle Roof

What Is A T-Lock Shingle Roof?

A T-lock shingle roof was initially made popular in the 1930s and was regularly used on houses through much of the 1980s. The shingles embody their name and have a T-shaped design that allows them to interlock. This design was made popular during this time period because of their ability to withstand high winds. Unfortunately, companies stopped manufacturing T-Lock shingles in 2004 because better options made them obsolete. This leaves several colorado homeowners in a tough spot since these shingles can still be found throughout Colorado Springs today. They can be found primarily in older neighborhoods especially those that have managed to escape hail damage over the last several years. These areas include Palmer Lake, Monument, Briargate, Peyton, Falcon, and other neighborhoods on the northeast side of Colorado Springs.

What If I Have A T-Lock Shingle Roof?

If you have a T-lock shingle roof it's time to consider a complete replacement. Due to companies no longer manufacturing the shingles, any damage to your roof will result in needing a complete roof replacement. Since all production of T-lock shingles stopped in 2004, any homes that have those shingles are likely reaching the end of their life even without noticeable damage. Additionally, many homeowners will not consider buying a home with T-lock shingles because many insurance companies won't insure them unless your policy has them grandfathered in.

How Do I Know If My Insurance Provider Covers My T-Lock Roof?

Call your insurance provider to find out if they cover your T-Lock roof. Many insurance providers will pay to replace your T-Lock Shingle Roof to avoid future claims down the road. Often, homeowners only have to pay their deductible and they can receive an entirely new roof for relatively little out-of-pocket expense. A new roof is not only safer, but it also increases the value of your home and provides added peace-of-mind.

What If My Insurance Company Doesn't Cover My T-Lock Roof?

Hennessey Roofing recommends replacing it anyway. This will increase the value of your home and save you from costly damage down the road. Since these shingles are no longer in production, the roof will need to be replaced at some point. Our experts recommend replacing it sooner rather than later to help offset the cost of rising material costs. Call your friendly neighborhood roofer or use our contact form to schedule your free inspection and roofing estimate!

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