Snow covered roof in Colorado Springs illustrating Colorado Springs roofing in the winter

Colorado Springs Roofing in the Winter

Colorado Springs roofing companies regularly slow down in the wintertime. This happens for a number of reasons ranging from safety, to necessary installation temperatures for some products, and also to the willingness of the contractor to brave the colder weather. Colorado Springs presents unique hurdles with high winds and heavy wet snows. While this may[…]

Funny picture of older gentleman in school copying young kids to showcase competitors copying Malarkey Roofing Products

Get in The Zone – Malarkey Shingles

What is “The Zone” in Roofing? Hennessey Roofing prides ourself on avoiding technical jargon in our explanations. It does sneak into our conversations sometimes, however. Today, we discuss a common question from our customers as we explain the benefits of using a Malarkey shingle. Hennessey Roofing customers often hear us talk about “The Zone”. While[…]