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At Hennessey Roofing, we understand the value that a new roof provides to a home. Furthermore, we understand that paying for your roof often causes stress. Our team provides professional and stress free service throughout the entire project including payment options. As a result, Hennessey Roofing partners with a leader in the financing industry to help customers pay for their roofing projects.

Hearth maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, is Norton and McAfee secured, and uses AES-256 Encryption. Hennessey Roofing recommends funding your roofing project through Hearth. Whether you’re building a new roof, a replacement roof, or repairing your existing roof, Hearth strives to provide the payment assistance you need. Together, Hennessey Roofing and Hearth provide solutions to protect your family with a new roof. In addition to residential roofing projects, Hearth provides funding for commercial roofing projects as well.


Three simple steps will guide you through the process. Here are some simple steps to learn more and get the ball rolling on your roofing project today!

  1. Request a Payment Option
  2. Review your Options
  3. Get Funded
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We’d love to show you what a professional and stress-free roofing project means! Let us show you why your neighbors love us!

Our Values

Professional & Stress-Free

Every employee at Hennessey Roofing believes in a strong sense of FaithFamilyFreedom, and Integrity. Everyone strives for Excellence in every area of their role while committing to be Attentive to our customers and Accountable to all of the Hennessey Roofing Team.

In addition to these primary Core values, each of our team members and subcontractors are committed to Safety and Quality on each of our job sites. We take great pride in performing the best work possible while maintaining the safety of our team and customers during the project.

Founder and Co Founder of Hennessey Roofing Colorado Springs, CO

Our Vision

To create a team environment across the entire U.S.A. with multiple locations bringing professionalism and stress-free projects to every community we serve. Creating opportunities for a better life for friends, family, and people we haven't met yet through our core values and relationships.

Our Core Values

These are the standards our business operates on a daily basis, no decision is made in contradiction with these values.

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