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Free Roof Inspection

Hennessey Roofing’s Commitment: Offering Free Roof Inspections

Your roof protects your home, your property, and most importantly your family. It shelters you from the environment and helps keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Your roof does all of this for you and more, but when was the last time you did anything for it? To paraphrase JFK’s famous line “Ask not what your roof can do for you, but what you can do for your roof!” Hennessey Roofing amends this statement slightly by paraphrasing Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire, “Help your roof, help you!” The best way you can help your roof, help you is by getting a professional inspection. The best way we can help you with that is by offering a free roof inspection.

Why Do I Need a Roof Inspection?

It’s simple, your roof can’t talk; it can communicate, however. The experts at Hennessey Roofing understand what your roof can’t say out loud and can translate its needs into an explanation that any home or business owner can understand. Hennessey Roofing offers a free roofing inspection and estimates to ensure that your roof’s needs are met. A roofing inspection identifies the issues below before tragedy strikes.

1.) Damage to your shingles, tile, or metal roofing material.

This damage can happen in the blink of an eye or develop over time as the material reaches the end of its useful life. Whether identifying storm damage or judging the remaining life of your roofing material, the experts at Hennessey Roofing will provide professional and stress-free service during the inspection.

2.) Damage to your gutters.

Signs of gutter damage, your gutters are a key component to maintaining a healthy roof. They redirect precipitation off your roof and away from your foundation to protect your home.

3.) Damage to the structure of your roof.

This type of damage leads to catastrophe in many cases. Excessive moisture sitting on your roof over time causes structural damage to your roofing support system. This type of damage can often go unnoticed until your roof begins to sag or worse, collapses altogether.

The Importance of Regular Roofing Inspections

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements, but it’s often overlooked until problems arise. Here’s why regular inspections are essential:

Catching Problems Early

Prevent Major Damage:

Regular inspections help identify minor issues before they become major problems.


Addressing issues early can save you money on extensive repairs or replacements.

Extending the Life of Your Roof


Routine inspections can extend the life of your roof by ensuring it’s in top condition.

Peace of Mind:

Knowing your roof is in good shape brings peace of mind.

How Often Should I Get a Professional Roof Inspection?

Hennessey Roofing recommends inspecting your roof after major storms that include high winds, hail, damaged trees, or excessive periods of heavy, wet snowfall. In addition to inspecting your roof for damage after storms, we recommend inspecting your roof at least every other year. This timeframe allows our experts to ensure that a small leak or cracked shingle doesn’t spread and damage your entire roof.

Hennessey Roofing’s Free Inspection Service

At Hennessey Roofing, we understand the value of a well-maintained roof. That’s why we offer free roofing inspections to homeowners in Colorado Springs.

What Our Inspection Covers

Comprehensive Check:

We examine your roof thoroughly for signs of wear, damage, or potential issues.

Expert Analysis:

Our experienced contractors provide a detailed analysis of the roof’s condition.

How to Schedule Your Free Roofing Inspection

Contact Us:

Simply reach out to us via our website or give us a call to schedule a roof inspection in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.


We work around your schedule to conduct the inspection at a convenient time.

Why Do You Offer a Free Roof Inspection and Free Estimate?

As part of our goal of providing professional and stress free service to our clients Hennessey Roofing provides a completely free roof inspection and estimate. We offer this free inspection and estimate to ensure that home and business owners have no barriers to helping their roof help them. We strive to give home and business owners confidence in their roof and in their roofing contractor. Most importantly, the experts at Hennessey Roofing understand that not everyone “speaks roof” and that’s ok. We want to help translate so that your home, property, and families are protected. Contact us today for a  professional free roofing inspection in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas!