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Signs of Damage on a Metal Roof?

Identifying Signs of Damage on Your Metal Roof

Metal roofing is an excellent and versatile choice for any home. It’s durable and long-lasting, and the roofing materials themselves are recyclable. Metal roofing is also visually appealing and adds a unique aesthetic to a building. It’s truly incredible, but like all things in life, it can take damage over time. Fixing many roofing problems simply requires repair, but leaving a roofing problem alone can make it much worse. To avoid a small problem from becoming a large one, it’s essential to keep an eye out for signs of damage on a metal roof.

Key Signs of Metal Roof Damage

Metal Roof Wear and Tear

There are some problems that metal roofing can cause over time and some that are simply from the age of the roof. Unfortunately, these issues can be exacerbated by improper installation. One such issue is the wearing down of the waterproof coating that many metal roofs have. Without that coating, the roof can rust over time. Corrosion can affect the seals that keep water from leaking into the vulnerable sections of your inner roof.

Additionally, over time some components may become lost. Without replacing these components your roof will slow. Moreover, if one component starts to come apart, it can cause other components to begin to fail. To help avoid any parts of your roof wearing down, it’s a good idea to get a roofing inspection every six months.

Common Aging Issues

Coating Deterioration:

Over time, the waterproof coating on metal roofs can wear down, leading to potential rust and corrosion, especially around seals.

Component Loss:

Components may become loose or go missing, compromising the roof’s integrity.

Importance of Regular Roof Inspections

Conduct roofing inspections every six months to prevent component wear and ensure longevity.

Storm Damage

Inclement weather is the biggest antagonist to any roof. Undoubtedly, Colorado is home to some pretty serious weather. While metal roofing is highly durable, some weather can damage it. The weather that can damage metal roofing the most is, without a doubt, hail. Hailstones can be quite large, and come down from the sky at incredibly high speeds. The stones can dent the metal roofing. Often, the dents will only be a visual problem. However, if the metal roofing is weakened then the hail dents can lead to larger problems. Additionally, storms can bring high winds that can really tear things up. While the metal roof should be fine, large objects may fall onto the roof. Any punctures or major structural Metal Roof Damage in Colorado Springs need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Hail Damage


Hailstones can dent metal roofing, sometimes causing more than just cosmetic damage.

Structural Weakness:

Weakened metal due to hail impacts can lead to more significant issues.

Wind and Debris

High winds can dislodge or damage roofing components. Large debris falling onto the roof during storms can cause punctures or major structural damage.

Water Leaking

Most roofing damage leads to water damage over time. A roof’s job is to keep the water out, so if the roof isn’t working the water will get in. Not only will you have to deal with pesky leaks that can annoy your family, but the water damage can hurt the inside components of your roofing. That can lead to major structural damage, and even possibly a roof. If you think you have damage, you need to get your roof checked by a professional roofer so the damage doesn’t get extremely worse.

Consequences of Water Intrusion

  • Leaks can lead to internal damage, affecting the structure and integrity of the roof.
  • Long-term water exposure can cause significant damage and require extensive repairs.

The Importance of Professional Roof Inspection

Why Choose a Professional Roof Inspection?

  • Professionals can safely assess the roof and identify potential issues.
  • Regular inspections help in early detection and prevention of major damage.

Trust Hennessey Roofing as your Roofer Contractor in Colorado Springs

There are multiple signs of damage on a metal roof, between abnormal wear and tear, storm damage, and water. If you think you may have roof damage, or aren’t quite sure, your best bet is to get a professional to inspect your roof. A trusted professional will be able to safely get onto your roof and assess the damage without trying to lock you into anything. If you need help inspecting the roof of a home, contact us! We believe that Colorado Springs roofing contractors should offer a professional and stress-free service. Hennessey Roofing is an expert at inspecting and installing roofing and will start right away. We have intimate knowledge of all the permits required for roofing projects. Call us today to schedule your free estimate or fill out our contact form and we’ll be in contact shortly!