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Roofing Services for Real Estate

The epitome of the American dream continues to be homeownership. Buying or selling a home plays a major role in the lives of everyone involved. A first home marks a new chapter in the lives of young people, while selling a family home brings tears to the eyes of many. With so much stress and meaning surrounding these real estate transactions, don’t let a home’s roof become a problem. In colorado, often a roof can make or break a sale for a homebuyer. A newly replaced roof appears as an asset for homebuyers. While a roof with hail damage or more noticeable damage can cause the seller to lose their buyer after the inspection process. Below, we dive into key aspects of roofing for real estate from the perspective of the buyer, seller, and real estate agent in Colorado Springs.

The Buyer

Roofing for real estate is important to understand as the buyer. As a buyer the most important things when purchasing a home are clear. Will the new home be a good investment? Will the house protect my family and property; is it safe? From the perspective of the roof, it’s hard to tell anything from the ground. Also, we’ve never heard of a seller setting up a ladder for people touring the home to visually inspect the roof. This means buyers must request a roof inspection prior to actually closing on the home. While home inspectors train for reviewing all aspects of a home prior to sale, they are not roofing experts. They often miss more subtle damage that can lead to problems down the road for a new homeowner. It’s always best to have a roofing expert inspect your roof and many of us offer free roofing estimates.

The Seller

Roofing for real estate is critical to minimize risk as a seller. Homeowners decide to sell their homes for several reasons, but one thing remains the same across all of these transactions. Real Estate transactions add stress to everyone involved, but most of all to the sellers. They have to try to live in the home and keep it clean for showings. Sellers are usually selling to buy a different home and are usually putting in offers to buy at the same time they are selling their current home. These conditional offers add extra stress because they could miss out on their dream home if something holds up the sale of their existing home. These reasons illustrate the need for a professional and stress free roofing partner. A seller should always request a free roofing inspection prior to listing their existing home. An expert roofer will find any issues with your roof and recommend the best steps moving forward. This eliminates the surprise of something showing up while the home is under contract. Often times, a roofing expert can even work with your insurance company to get any necessary repairs taken care of with minimal impacts to the seller.

The Real Estate Agent

Roofing for real estate can help a realtor create a smooth transaction for their client. A real estate agent is there to help guide their clients through the process. Whether from the buyer’s side or the seller’s they all want the same thing. Real Estate agents want their clients to be happy and have a smooth transaction that helps them retain their clients for their next transaction. In a relationship-focused business like realty, a professional roofer can help this transaction go smoothly. One of the most frustrating experiences for everyone involved during a real estate transaction is when it gets delayed while waiting for outside parties. Finding a roofer that is committed to showing up on time and delivering quick estimates can relieve a lot of stress from the buyer, seller, and real estate agent.