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Can I Walk On My Roof

Today is Independence Day in the United States and it is one of our favorite holidays at Hennessey Roofing. Patriotism fills the hearts of Americans across the country. Smokers and grills transform dinners into an excuse for a gathering. Fireworks light up the night sky and kids faces with equal fervor. This time of year[...]

Can I Perform My Own Roof Repair

One of the most common questions people ask us is, "Can I repair my own roof?" Unfortunately, the answer is almost always, "No!" This isn't because we want our customers to spend more money than they need to, or because we believe that we are the only qualified roofers in the world. We give this[...]

Roofing Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a beautiful city in a gorgeous state. The city houses five military bases where brave men and women train and work to ensure the safety of others. In addition to military bases, hospitals spread throughout the city are filled with doctors, nurses, and support staff that save lives and keep us healthy.[...]

Roofing Insurance

Purchasing a home delivers a sense of pride and accomplishment. Protecting that home and that investment is critical for homeowners. That's why people purchase homeowner's insurance - to protect their investment and to mitigate costly repairs. Unfortunately, roofing falls under the category of costly repairs, and insurance companies are adept at avoiding paying for all[...]

How To Avoid Roofing Scams

As we approach hail season in Colorado, it's important to learn to avoid roofing scams. Our team encourages all of our clients to check out our website, read our reviews, and verify our licensure with the local city government. These are three quick ways to avoid a roofing scam. Why Are Roofing Scams A Concern?[...]

How To Prepare Your Roof For Hail

It's springtime in Colorado, flowers are starting to bloom, the grass is starting to grow, and, unfortunately, we are swiftly approaching hail season. Hail season in Colorado strikes fear in the heart of those who've experienced major storms in the past. The Hennessey Roofing team will help guide you and your roof through this tricky[...]

Professional and Stress Free

Hennessey Roofing Provides Professional and Stress Free Service Thanks to the growing customer base and positive reviews from our clients, Hennessey Roofing proudly features in The Gazette's May 13th edition. We knew that starting a business would be difficult. We also knew that the current coronavirus pandemic could cause issues for our clients and suppliers.[...]

Replace A T-Lock Shingle Roof

What Is A T-Lock Shingle Roof? A T-lock shingle roof was initially made popular in the 1930s and was regularly used on houses through much of the 1980s. The shingles embody their name and have a T-shaped design that allows them to interlock. This design was made popular during this time period because of their[...]

Best Roofing Contractors Lists

Hennessey Roofing Ranking As One Of The Best Roofing Contractors Hennessey Roofing has been proudly serving clients in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas since September 2019. In just over six months, we have enjoyed getting to know each one of our clients and partners. Our team focuses on providing professional and stress free roofing[...]

Free Roof Inspection

Your roof protects your home, your property, and most importantly your family. It shelters you from the environment and helps keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Your roof does all of this for you and more, but when was the last time you did anything for it? To paraphrase JFK's famous line "Ask not[...]