Can Icicles Damage My Roof?

Can Icicles Damage My Roof

Winter is here! And with the cold weather comes snow and ice. A snow-covered car and sidewalk may be irritating, but the cold brings more than an inconvenience. The snow and ice can actually cause serious damage to your roof! But how can icicles damage my roof?

Icicles and Ice Dams

To understand how icicles can damage your roof, you first have to understand the cause of icicles. As many people know,  icicles form on the eaves and gutters of your roof after the snow on top has started to melt slightly. When the melting water refreezes it makes icicles. Icicles can be problematic, but they can also be a sign of a much larger problem. Icicles can be a sign of an ice formation known as an ice dam. These ice dams for on the gutters and eaves of your roof in large chunks. Ice dams form when your house is leaking enough heat to consistently melt the snow and ice on your roofing. When the ice refreezes it can form an ice dam. But what's the big deal with icicles and ice dams?

The Weight of Ice

One of the most obvious problems that ice forming on your roof brings is the added weight. Ice dams and large icicles can do damage to your roofing and gutters. Large icicles can even tear your gutters down from the roof. Without gutters, your roof can't properly move water away from your house. This can do damage to your foundation, as well as your roofing.

Freezing and Melting and Freezing

The weight of the ice isn't the only problem. The ice dams can actually block water from properly draining down your gutters. Without the drainage, water can get trapped on your roof, and seep into the roof's inner workings. Once it gets cold again, the trapped water freezes. It expands wherever the water has flowed, causing damage to your roofing. It may melt, then freeze again making the damage even more severe. If you do have a cycle of freezing and melting inside your roof you might not even realize until your roof starts leaking. Trapped water can cause holes on your roof, as well as make the structure of your roof take water damage. The water damage can lead to the structures that hold up your roof rotting.

Summary - Can Icicles Damage My Roof?

Yes, icicles can help form ice dams. Both icicles and ice dams can do damage to your roofing. The added weight can pull down roofing as well as your gutters. If the ice starts to stop your roof from properly draining water, then your roof can quickly take severe damage that can lead to you needing a full roof replacement. Luckily, there are ways to prevent this. You can make sure your ceiling is air-tight to ensure no warmth escapes to start the ice dam process. You can also have heating installed on your roof so that the snow melts before it can become a problem.

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