Colorado Springs Roofing in the Winter

Snow covered roof in Colorado Springs illustrating Colorado Springs roofing in the winter

Colorado Springs roofing companies regularly slow down in the wintertime. This happens for a number of reasons ranging from safety, to necessary installation temperatures for some products, and also to the willingness of the contractor to brave the colder weather. Colorado Springs presents unique hurdles with high winds and heavy wet snows. While this may scare away some colorado springs roofing contractors, our expert roofers will help you with all of your roofing needs through the winter. The article below addresses the common questions we hear from customers while roofing in the winter and the common services we provide.


Absolutely! In fact, Colorado Springs creates unique problems for roofs during the winter. Temperatures often swing from 30 degrees to 60 degrees in the same day. This causes the contracting and expanding of older roofing material and can cause leaks during the winter. These changing conditions and cracks in your roof during the winter require a local roofing contractor that understands the temperature requirements for installs and the impacts on weather-related delays while roofing in the winter.


Punctures due to hanging Christmas lights improperly

Hanging Christmas lights on your roof is a great way to spread the holiday spirit throughout the community. Unfortunately, hanging lights requires the proper education to do it correctly without damaging your roof. Avoid "shiners" and other damage to key roofing components by avoiding staple guns and nails. Instead, our team recommends using clips that are designed to install without damaging your roof. Learn more about what you need to know about how Christmas Lights can damage your roof and other considerations HERE.

Ice dams

The continuous freezing of water creates “ice dams” that stop your roof and gutters from properly funneling water off of your roof. Not only are these ice dams a potential safety hazard, they can cause moisture to soak into your roof, structure, insulation, drywall, and more. Don’t let this happen to you. Learn more about heat cables and how they work to prevent dangerous ice dams in Colorado Springs.

Other Common Roof Repairs - They don't stop during winter either

We tell our customers that their roof protects their most valuable assets and their family all the time. Our expert roofers also do our best to help clients avoid damage to their roofs. Sadly, sometimes roofing repairs are still necessary. Check out the most common Colorado Springs roof repairs we see and help resolve.

Summary - Colorado Springs Roofing in the Winter

Roofing in the winter creates unique challenges for roofing contractors in Colorado Springs. With that being said, the cold and moisture that are common in Colorado Springs during the winter make roofing repair critical. Our expert team not only continues working throughout the winter, certain services we offer become much more popular during this time. We install heat cables regularly to help prevent ice dams from forming. In addition to the heat cables, our team repairs puncture in your roof. These can be for any reason, but during the winter, they often come from improperly hung Christmas lights. No matter the services you need, we believe that Colorado Springs roofing contractors should offer a professional and stress free service.

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