Fall Roof Maintenance – Prepare Your Roof For Winter

Autumn leaves clogging a gutter on a roof in Colorado Springs, CO

Fall Roof Maintenance

Fall in Colorado Springs delivers some of the most breathtaking scenery anywhere. Leaves transform from green to varying shades of gold and red. Trees begin to shed these leaves as the Fall winds roll through our beautiful state. While the beauty speaks for itself, these falling leaves have to end up somewhere. For most homeowners, that somewhere means on their roofs and in their gutters. Below, we cover key steps to remove these leaves and perform other critical maintenance steps. We want to help you prepare your roof for Winter in Colorado Springs by offering these fall roof maintenance tips.

How to Prepare Your Roof For Winter in Colorado Springs

  1. 1.) Clean Your Gutters

    Fall represents the most crucial season to perform key maintenance for your roof. It's not just the season that most debris falls onto your roof, it precedes Winter where moisture sits on your roof for days at a time. The most important thing to do during Fall is to ensure your gutters remain cleaned and clear of debris. Gutters perform a key role in diverting moisture away from your walls and your foundation. If they are not properly cleaned and maintained, unwanted moisture can enter your walls and create harmful mold and mildew. Often, water running off your roof washes leaves and sticks and other muck into your gutters. Clean your gutters by removing any debris from them and flushing them with a hose to ensure all downspouts are clear. While flushing them, check for leaks along your gutters that can cause problems later. Learn more about gutter cleaning HERE.

  2. 2.) Trim Back Damaging Trees

    One of the best Fall Roof Maintenance tips we can share will actually protect more than just your roof. Fall and Winter bring the most wind in Colorado. This means that older tree branches often break and cause damage to roofing materials, siding, windows, and fences. Protect your roof and the rest of your property by trimming your trees in the fall to ensure they remain strong and healthy. Further, ensure that branches can't blow and smack into your roofing surface causing unnecessary damage.

  3. 3.) Get Your Roof Inspected by A Professional

    Homeowners often forget their roof's role in protecting them through the Winter. Despite all the talk of the importance of "having a roof over your head", many homeowners neglect key maintenance and often don't notice the need for small repairs. That's where a professional roofing contractor earns his weight in gold. The best roofing contractors spot small problems and perform repairs before they become costly insurance claims later. We are clearly biased and believe that Hennessey Roofing is the best contractor serving Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. That said, even if you don't use us, find a local, licensed, and highly-rated contractor to perform your inspection. Regular inspections can save you thousands of dollars and Hennessey Roofing offers free inspections to help protect your home.

  4. 4.) Make All Small Repairs Before Bad Weather

    Small areas of damage on your roof often lead to large, costly repairs when left unattended. Roofing materials, structural underlayments, gutters, and other small components create your roof. Your roof operates as a system to protect your home. Small damages to your roof create gaps in the system for larger problems to occur. With the drastic temperature swings and ice expanding and existing cracks, small repairs in Fall regularly become large problems by the Spring. It's best to resolve any issues on your roof prior to cold weather settling in for the season.

Why is Fall Roof Maintenance Important?

Fall in Colorado delivers high winds, changing temperatures, and lots of falling debris. Without proper maintenance, your roof can develop costly leaks that lead to structural damage and in extreme cases cause roofs to collapse. Fall roofing maintenance helps ensure these problems won't happen in the future and protects your roof in the present.


While your roof requires maintenance year-round, Fall represents the most important season to ensure your roof protects your family through the cold Colorado Winters. In order to prepare your roof for winter, Hennessey Roofing recommends cleaning your gutters, trimming back your trees, getting a professional roof inspection, and ensuring all repairs are complete before Winter hits.

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