Heavy Wet Snow

Icicles and Heavy Wet Snow clinging to a roof in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas receive an average of 57 inches of snowfall per year. That's over double the national average of 28 inches. Most snowfall surrounding Colorado Springs during the winter months powders your roof in a light dusting. This type of snow usually melts quickly and leaves little to no trace on your roof. This is not always true for the snowfall in the spring months in Colorado. Spring snow in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas often weighs close to two pounds per square foot. For a 2,000 square foot roof that amounts to an extra 4,000 pounds per inch of snow. Colorado Springs receives spring storms that can dump 6-12 inches of heavy, wet snow at a time. This can add between 24,000 and 48,000 pounds of extra weight to your roof and be particularly dangerous for older roofs.

How to prepare a roof for a heavy, wet snow

The experts at Hennessey Roofing understand that those numbers not only add stress to your roof, they add stress to your mind. We are often asked, "How do I prepare my roof for the heavy, wet snow?" The good news is, there are a few ways to help your roof continue to protect your family and your home.

  1. 1.) Clean Away Snow Between Storms. One storm can add as much as 48,000 extra pounds of weight to your roof. Don't let multiple heavy, wet snowstorms accumulate on your rooftop. Between storms be sure to clear off as much snow from your roof as you safely can using a long broom or shovel, a ladder, and a spotter.
  2. 2.) Inspect Your Roof Before Major Storms. Sometimes the best defense against a heavy, wet snowstorm is a good offense. Contact a professional and stress free roofing contractor in your area to schedule a free roofing inspection. As the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure". This applies here.
  3. 3.) Repair Existing Damage Before Major Storms. If you've been waiting to fix your damaged roof, now's the time to move forward. Our team specializes in residential roof repair and commercial roof repair and we want to help you before your roof needs to be replaced.

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