How To Safely Remove Icicles from Your Roof

How To Safely Remove Icicles from Your Roof

Winter is here, and soon enough we'll be dealing with snow and ice. While a winter wonderland can be quite beautiful, it can cause havoc to your roofing. Icicles and ice dams are a serious threat to your roof, and you'll want to know how to safely remove icicles from your roof.

Why Should I Remove Icicles?

You may not be aware of exactly what icicles can do to your roof. Icicles add weight to your roofing that may strain the roof itself. They also tend to hang off of your gutters, which can weigh down the gutters enough to tear them down. Icicles can also prevent water from properly draining down your gutters. However, icicles can lead to something that's known as an ice dam. Ice dams occur when water can't properly drain off of your roof, freezing a wall of ice at the edge of your roofing. This wall can pool water where water shouldn't be, leading to leaks and structural damage to your roofing itself. Icicles are bad news for your roofing.

Icicle Prevention

One of the best ways to avoid icicles is to prevent them from even growing. There are plenty of ways to prevent icicles from forming on your roofing. One way is to turn on attic fans and point them at the intersection of your roofing and your gutters. This will prevent icicles from forming, as well as have the added effect of lowering the ability for water to leak into your roofing. Another excellent option is to install heating cables before the storm hits. The heating cables will keep your roof warm enough to not allow anything to freeze on it.

Removing Icicles From Your Roof

If you already have icicles on your roof, you may want to remove them. One option is to use a roof rake. Roof rakes are designed to remove snow and ice from your roof without damaging your roofing itself. You could also try chemical deicers. However, some deicers can be corrosive to your roof's materials. Because of that, be careful about which deicers you choose. However, it's typical that the more effective deicers can be more corrosive. However, the best way to remove icicles from your roofing safely is to have a professional do it for you.

Summary - How To Safely Remove Icicles from Your Roof

By far, the safest way to remove icicles from your roof is to call a professional. Removing icicles can be dangerous, especially if your roof is tall. Instead, a professional roofing contractor can come to help you clear the icicles. You'll stay safe and keep your roof in great condition as well.

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