Remove Tree Limbs From Above Your Home

Remove Tree Limbs From Above Your Home

Spring is here, and summer is on its way! While that does mean warmer weather, that can also, unfortunately, mean summer storms. Summer storms can ravage the foliage around your home, which can be a major problem. If you have anything over your roof there’s a chance it could fall onto your home. On top of the normal storm damage, you could end up with large roofing problems. Luckily, Hennessey Roofing has all the answers you may need to determine if you need to remove tree limbs from above your home.

Risks of Tree Branches

Many people may wonder why you would need to trim your trees back. The truth is, that tree branches can do major damage if they fall onto their roof. In fact, even the leaves can be problematic. When leaves fall on your roof they can sometimes get stuck. Then the leaves can hold moisture and even grow mold while up on the roof. Moisture and mold where they don’t belong damage the shingles and the roofing components underneath. The branches can give access to different pests that may try to nest on your roof. Then, on top of all that, if the branches fall they can puncture your roof or cause larger damage. Large branches can also knock down powerlines, which becomes a much larger issue. Overall, trimming the nearby foliage can save you time and money.

How Far Should a Branch Hang Over a Roof?

The short answer to how far a branch should hang over your roof is simple, branches should not stick over your roof. In fact, it’s a good idea to trim trees back away from your roof. Many experts say that all the foliage over your home needs to be cut six to ten feet away from your roof. This not only prevents branches from being able to fall onto your roof but also helps prevent leaves from falling on your roof as well. Cutting down tree limbs can be dangerous, both to you and your property. If you need to remove tree limbs from above your home then you should probably call a professional.


The foliage around your home can be a major problem. The leaves can hold moisture where it doesn’t belong, the limbs can help pests enter your home. Tree Limbs can also damage your property or surrounding area when they inevitably fall down. It’s best to trim your trees back away from your roofing to ensure they won’t cause any issues. Most experts recommend that trees are trimmed back at least six feet, but anywhere between six and ten feet is ideal.

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