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Failed tar roof flashing in colorado springs, co

Several components make up a roof, but most homeowners are only familiar with the end roofing surface. Whether you have a tile roof, metal roof, shingle roof, or any other roof protecting your home other parts play vital roles. Roof flashing exists to help you get the most out of your roofing surface. This flashing redirects water away from key penetrations in the roofing surface. Furthermore, a damaged flashing can lead to major problems for your home. Roof flashing repair is a common roofing repair that is often overlooked by other contractors. Failing to find and repair a defect in your flashing leads to very costly consequences down the road.

What Is Roof Flashing?

Roof flashing refers to a sheet of material, usually metal, that is placed at breaks, edges, or joints that redirects water away from vertical surfaces and into your gutters. In short, this thin piece of metal protects your chimneys, skylights, and wall joints, along with other areas on your roof, from water damage and leaks. The sheet metal is usually composed of aluminum or galvanized metal.

What To Know About Roof Flashing Repair?

  1. 1.) Cost.
    Roof flashing costs relatively little compared to other roofing components. While this is great news, unnoticed damage to your roof flashing leads to some of the most costly home repairs over time.
  2. 2.) Can I Repair My Own Roof Flashing?
    Many homeowners learned that most leaks can be repaired with caulk that you can pick up at any major hardware store. This isn't true for roof flashing repair. Caulk expands and contracts as temperatures swing from hot to cold leaving key gaps in the "repair". In addition, it appears that many other roofing contractors believe that roofing tar will fix a damaged roof flashing. This also isn't true. Roofing tar will deteriorate over time and the homeowner will be left with a leak in the same spot as last time. The best way to fix roof flashing for the long-term is to hire a local professional roofing contractor that understands flashing and its importance to the overall roofing structure.
  3. 3.) Can I Wait to Repair Damaged Roof Flashing?
    Please don't. Leaks from damaged roof flashing soak into your ceiling and walls and often weaken structural components of a roof. Further, these types of leaks cause mold to grow within the walls of your home and create a major health risk for you and your family.

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