Roofing Insurance

Tom Hennessey filling out an additional funding request for a roofing insurance claim

Purchasing a home delivers a sense of pride and accomplishment. Protecting that home and that investment is critical for homeowners. That's why people purchase homeowner's insurance - to protect their investment and to mitigate costly repairs. Unfortunately, roofing falls under the category of costly repairs, and insurance companies are adept at avoiding paying for all of the repairs. "What do I do if my insurance company won't pay for the full cost of the estimate?" Homeowners ask us this roofing insurance question often. This is where Hennessey Roofing's professional and stress free roofing service comes in handy!

What If My Insurance Company Won't Pay For The Cost Of The Estimate?

Tom Hennessey, the owner, has years of experience helping homeowners navigate the roofing insurance process. He will perform the initial inspection and document any damage, aging shingles, or any other issues. This report includes pictures with the estimate and his professional recommendation on the best way to proceed. A well-documented estimate from a professional roofing contractor is a good step towards getting an insurance company to pay. Tom's experience dealing with insurance carriers helps him create roofing insurance estimates that insurance companies understand. As a result, insurance companies will respond back and are willing to pay with no further steps.

What If My Insurance Company Still Doesn't Cover The Full Cost?

Tom will review the information from the insurance company and find the reason for the funding shortage. From here, he will submit additional documentation along with an additional funding request to the insurance company. The additional information may come from meeting with an engineer, talking with suppliers, or include different angles. Because of additional information, these companies agree to pay the remaining balance after the additional funding request is processed.

On the rare occasions where the insurance company still won't agree to pay the full amount, Hennessey Roofing understands the need to fix the roof doesn't go away. We offer financing to cover the remaining balance to help ensure homeowners don't have to pay large amounts of cash upfront for the repair. As a result, Hennessey Roofing partners with Hearth to provide financing from a secure, A+ BBB rated company to protect our clients' privacy and security. Our goal is to ensure the entire roofing project goes as smoothly as possible with as little stress as possible.

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