Signs To Replace Your Roof

Damaged Roof in Colorado Springs

When do I Need to Replace My Roof?

Understanding when the right time to replace your roof is critical! As a homeowner, your roof protects your family and many of your most treasured belongings. As a business owner, it protects your customers and often your primary source of income. Watch out for the following warning signs to determine if it's time to replace your roof and schedule a free roofing estimate to have your roof reviewed by the experts at Hennessey Roofing.

  1. Your Roof is 25 years old or older
  2. Shingles are beginning to curl
  3. Entire shingles are missing
  4. Shingles are cracked
  5. Small pieces of your roof are appearing in your gutter
  6. Moss or Algae is growing on your roof
  7. Sunlight is visible in your attic
  8. Your entire roof is beginning to sag

If your roof meets any of the requirements listed above, it's time to consider replacing your roof. The team at Hennessey Roofing understands this can be a stressful time for a home or business owner. That's why our roofing experts provide professional and stress free service for your commercial or residential roof replacement project. Contact Hennessey Roofing today for your free roofing inspection and estimate!

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