Summer Roofing Maintenance

Summer Roofing Maintenance

In the summertime, most people don’t want to think about their roofs. Unfortunately, it’s important to do some summer roofing maintenance to ensure that everything is working properly. A roofing inspection by a professional would also get the job done, but not everyone wants to take that route. Luckily, Hennessey Roofing has put together these tips so you can make sure your roof is in perfect shape for the coming storms so you can focus your summer on fun!

Inspect Your Gutters

The gutters on a roof are essential to having water properly flow off of the roof and onto the ground. If the gutters are full of debris or broken then they’ll need cleaning and repairing. Without properly working gutters, any water that ends up on your roof can do serious damage by flowing into areas it doesn’t belong. Pooling on the roof can cause roof damage, but flowing off may have the water too close to your foundation. Make sure your gutters are fastened correctly and cleaned out.

Trim Tree Limbs

Tree limbs can do major damage if they fall onto your property. From your roof to your car, there aren’t many ideal places for branches to end up if they come free. Carefully trim the tree branches that hang over your roof and driveway to make sure they can’t come crashing down. It’s a difficult job, so you may want to consider contacting a professional.

Check the Attic

The attic is a very important part of the home and can greatly affect the roof. Without proper insulation, the attic can trap heat. This can cause major problems for your roofing. Excess heat can warp roofing and even cause your shingles to crack and curl. In addition, any moisture in your attic can cause mold and rot to form. Checking your attic and making sure everything is in order is important and can save you money in the long run.

Repair Any Damages

During the winter it’s not uncommon for roof damages to be unnoticed. Any damage a roof has can quickly grow over time and go from something little to something serious. Make sure to get a professional to inspect your roof for any damages. They’ll be able to spot any roofing problems and help you fix them. Trying to find damages on your own may be a difficult task and missing any roofing issues can become catastrophic before too long.


To make sure your roof is in good shape you need to check a couple of things. Make sure to check your gutters, the trees around your home, your attic, and your roof for damages. If you need assistance cleaning your gutter or need a roofing repair, contact us. We believe that Colorado Springs roofing contractors should offer a professional and stress-free service. Hennessey Roofing is an expert at inspecting and installing roofing and will start right away. We have intimate knowledge of all the permits required for roofing projects. Call us today to schedule your free estimate or fill out our contact form and we’ll be in contact shortly!

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