What is a Snow Guard on a Roof and Do I Need One?

What is a Snow Guard on a Roof and Do I Need One?

For many people, snow is just an aspect of life. Snow and Colorado have always had a close connection, as the winter always brings heavy snowfall. If you've been in Colorado a while, you know that it can be crazy just how much snow comes down. There are tons of things that can help your family during the snowy months, and there's even a ton of roofing additions to help make sure the weather clears off of your home safely. However, there's one such device that not many people have heard of, the snow guard. But, what is a snow guard, and do you need one on your roof?

What is a Snow Guard?

During a snowstorm, snow builds up on the roof. On many types of roofing, after the snowstorm, the snow will slowly but surely start to melt and fall off of your roof. However, snow can come off all at once for metal roofs. A snow guard is a device that goes on a metal roof to alter how the snow and ice come off of the roof. The snow guard helps the roof slowly melt the snow off, preventing the precipitation from falling off all at once.

Do I Need a Snow Guard on my Roof?

Many people may think that all the snow coming off at once may be a good thing, however, it can be dangerous. When metal roofing heats up, it can slide all of the snow on the roof right over the edge. If it's been a heavy snowfall, it can be a ton of snow! The avalanche that falls off of a metal roof can damage your gutters, your vehicle, your furniture, and even your family and pets! Depending on what way your roof slopes it may even trap you inside! The snow guards stop the avalanche from falling and instead the mass of snow will melt over time.

How are Snow Guards Installed?

Snow guards are installed on metal roofing in key locations to ensure they'll hold up all the snow. You may need multiple sets of snow guards depending on your specific roof. There are two styles of snow guards, those that use adhesive and those that use a mechanical clamp. Adhesive snow guards tend to be cheaper but may not work as well in all weather conditions. No matter what type of snow guard you have, they'll help you avoid any snow mishaps from your roof.

Summary - What is a Snow Guard on a Roof and Do I Need One?

A snow guard is a device is installed at the end of a metal roof. The snow guard prevents snow from sliding off of the roof in one large sheet. Instead, the snow is held on the roof so it can melt over time. Without a snow guard, the sheet of snow can fall all at once and crash down on your property or family. Snow can cause more damage than you might think!

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