What to do if You Have Missing Shingles

What to do if You Have Missing Shingles

Shingle roofing is the most popular roofing option in the United States.  With so many homes utilizing shingles to protect their homes, it makes sense that eventually some shingles are gonna take damage. If your roofing isn’t working properly then it can quickly cause major issues. Just one damaged or missing shingle can turn into a leak, and a leak can grow large enough to need to replace the entire roof. But what should you do if you think you may have shingles that have been damaged or are missing altogether? Well, Hennessey Roofing has the answer! The best place to start is to look for signs you may have shingle damage.

Inspect the Damage

While you’re living your life, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for common signs of shingle damage. If you see any of the signs below, call a professional quickly to get a roofing repair.

Common Types of Shingle Damage

A Collection of Granules

The sign that may be the most overlooked is small piles of granules shed from the shingles. They may collect around the edges of your roof, or even at the end of your downspouts.

Pieces of Shingles

Seeing chunks of shingles around your home is a definite sign that your shingles have taken damage. If you ever see a piece of a shingle lying close by your home, call a professional as soon as you can.

Curling Shingles

Shingles curl when they’ve started to come up and then are slowly curled by the weather. This will be easiest to notice when you’re approaching your home if you see a shingle flapping in the wind but still connected to your roof.

Hail Damage

Inclimate weather can do major damage to your roofing, especially hail. There’s a good chance that when a storm comes through you may have an issue with your shingles. Always get your roof inspected after a storm.

Get a Repair or Replacement

If there are any signs of shingle damage on the roof, then there’s one answer. The best option is to have a reputable roofing contractor do an inspection on your roof. They’ll tell you exactly what’s wrong with your roof and help you determine what needs to be done with it. If the damage is minor then there’s a good chance that your roof just needs some simple repairs. The repairs shouldn’t take too long and aren’t nearly as expensive as a full new roof. However, if the damage is extensive then you’ll most likely need to replace your whole roof for the safety of your family. But, the best way to find out what your roof needs is with a qualified roof inspection.


If you need help inspecting the roof of a home, contact us! We believe that Colorado Springs roofing contractors should offer a professional and stress-free service. Hennessey Roofing is an expert at inspecting and installing roofing and will start right away. We have intimate knowledge of all the permits required for roofing projects. Call us today to schedule your free estimate or fill out our contact form and we’ll be in contact shortly!

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