Why is Roofing Insulation Important?

Why is Roofing Insulation Important?

Everyone knows how important a roof is to a home. However, the exterior of the roof isn’t the only thing that matters. The parts of your roof that lay under the surface are critical as well. Your roof’s inner components don’t just help keep your roof in good condition, but also assist the functions of the entire home. One of the most important inner components of a roof is its insulation. But why is roofing insulation so important? Well, Hennessey Roofing has the answers you’re looking for!

What is Roof Insulation?

Insulation is installed in areas of the house that are close to the exterior. The design of insulation allows it to keep a house at the temperature that the homeowners want it at. Installation is typically found in the walls and roof of a home. Roofing insulation is critical as not only does it prevent your home from losing heat, but it also can save your roof from the harshness of winter.

Benefits of Proper Roofing Insulation

Properly installing roofing insulation can be a major boon to any home. It can help cut costs of your electric bill, protect your roof from the ice and water that winter brings, and helps make your home more environmentally friendly.

Energy Savings

Every year people spend tons of money on heating and cooling their homes. Being comfortable at home is important but can be difficult if the weather outside keeps altering the temperature of your home. Heat can seep in or out of a home through areas that have improper insulation. In fact, it’s estimated that 30% of a building’s heat loss is through its roofing. Proper insulation makes it so that your home stays at the temperature you want it at for longer, which means less heating and cooling of your house.

Winter Protection

During the winter, when heat escapes through the roof it can melt the snow. The melting snow slides down the roof to the edge, where it refreezes since it’s no longer in contact with the warm attic air. That’s how ice dams are formed. Ice dams can cause major damage to roofing and gutters. They hold water where it shouldn’t be and that leads to leaks and even molds forming in your roofing. However, with proper roofing insulation, the roof won’t emit heat through the attic, and the snow won’t melt and refreeze.

Helping the Environment

In addition to lowering your energy bills and saving your roof during the winter, roofing insulation also helps out the environment. Properly installing insulation in your home is one of the best ways that a homeowner can reduce their carbon footprint and save energy. Saving energy in any way can lower the amount of pollution in the world and has a good effect on the environment.


Roofing insulation is important because it helps lower energy costs by reducing the amount of heating or cooling needed in a home. In addition, roofing insulation is the best defense against ice dams in the winter.

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